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Patgoal Mangeoires à oiseaux Lot de 4 oiseaux en plastique de graines et distributeur deau po

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Référence constructeurPatgoal TailleL Nombre d’articles1 Nécessite des pilesNon Batterie(s) / Pile(s) incluse(s) Non   Taille:L Descriptions: Suitable for small bird/parrot, aviary, budgie, cockatiel, peony, etc.

Strong molded plastic.

Large size: high: 12.2cm, diameter: 4.5cm M size: high: 11cm, diameter: 4cm Package ;4pcs pcs Bird Drinker/Feeder This water dispenser mouth is narrow and long, almost all of the cage can be put in, so it is still relatively easy to use! And he's soft plastic not easy to break! 1.

Parents who use please note that automatic waterer is according to the principle of high pressure to make, the kettle body inverted dress well water, cover and base, then quickly reversed, let it out of the first water, loaded onto the clip can be, attention must cover tight oh, once the leak water will leak out.

2, the pro people please pay attention to the plastic products, especially in the water filled with, oh, this is a good point, the other easy to break down, broke the leak can not be loaded with water! 3, in a groove of the water is drunk after, the pot of water will automatically flow down, until the birds the whole irrigation finished so far, due to the relatively small size of the water outlet, so that water is not easy to be polluted and greatly reduced busy hosts of labor, to solve the problem of the frequency of changing the water, for several days without changing the water add water!
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